Get to know me

If we met at a coffeeshop and I asked you to tell me about yourself, what would you say?

My name is Sofie Kirstine I´m 23 years old, I have a bachelordegree in spanish filology and minority studies and I´ve just started my Master in Intercultural marketing and spanish. With that being said I´m very interested in the hispanic world and throughout my university carreer I´ve becomed fluent in spanish.

Besides from spanish I also speak danish, english and communicate very well with Portugese and Italians.

I love latin/spanish music - If you had my Spotify profile you would only find that.

I love animals! I´ve had horses my whole life and been practicing equitation a lot. I also love dogs, we have the cutest teddybear aka a eurasiandog, called Indy and two crazy cats.

Talking about animals, my favourite animal is the lama. I mean it may not be the immediate choice of animal, but I just find it so complete. It may not be the prettiest one, but it knows how to keep its head high and always look so proud. And if it doesn´t like you, it spits on you. It take no shit!

I love COFFEE!! But who doesn´t. I either drink instant or Nespresso in a huge cup, paired with my favourite milk from Oatly, which is especially made for coffee.

I love Gilmore girls.

I rarely drink alcohol, but I do love a Gin&Tonic with a splash of Campari, a Mojito or a good glass of vine, red or white.

I´m a huge fan of chilean "telenovelas" - Pituca sin lucas, Papa ala deriva and Pobre Gallo, which i´m currently watching.

In terms of travelling, I would love to travel around Southamerica. I have been to Chile, but I would love to go again and I would especially like to see the saltdessert "Salar de Uyuni" in Bolivia.

My favourite dish, is my moms minestronesoup with croutons and parmesan cheese.

I once in a while accumulate a whole jar of Ben&Jerry Cinnamonbun, or another one of their icecreams.

I love outdoor activities! Long walks, hikes, riding etc.

My favourite color is orange, its such a happy one!

I run a lot! Never less than 10 km.

I´m a very sensitive person, I react more sensitive to stimulation and processes impression of greather depth. It means that I e.g. enjoy deep conversations or a beautiful sunset, but it can also be a struggle. I get very affected by other peoples mood and I can be very harsh on myself, because of high expectations.

I love beauty/skincare & fashion!!

To end things on a good note, I really believe in the law of attraction. I believe that if you want something enough and you really believe in it, it will eventually manifest and materialize.

Hope you liked the blogpost! Have a lovely weekend!