Hola, my name is Sofie Kirstine

I’m a danish daydreamer and I would like to welcome you to my blog "Thousand thoughts". I´m a person who believes that life is better when you move yourself around, everything resolves itself in motion, that being going for a run, travelling the world or being on your own spiritual journey. I move my best, dancing to salsa and bachata rythms. Besides from that I´m a master degree student of Intercultural market studies, with specified knowledge of negotiation and communication in the hispanic world.

I wanted to create a universe where I could share some of all these thoughts that runs through my head, therefor I created the blog.  On my blog you will find pieces of my favorite things in life everything from fashion to lifestyle. My dream is to create a universe where I hope to inspire people to go for their dreams and goals in life, while living intentional and mindfull.