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Warm & filling christmassy breakfast

Warm & filling christmassy breakfast

“Baby its cold outside”

I just wanted to post a quick and delicious breakfast recipe, before going to bed. I have been eating this the last month or so, and its the perfect breakfast in this winther/christmas period. Its varm, filling and very christmassy because of the spices I´ve used. So here you have it.

You need:

-       3 tablespoon of oats

-       1 tablespoon of quinoa

-       Dried fruit : cranberries, figs, dates

-       A pinch of: cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg

-       Almond milk as the liquid base

Stir it all together in a saucepan and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. To drizzle on top, I´ve used a teaspoon of almondbutter, chopped hazelnuts, blueberries and fresh pomegranate seeds. This is so incredibly delicious Yo need to try it!

By the way I tried one of the new variations from Nespresso, the ”Linzer torte”. Its quite special, a bit fruity/sweet so if Yo are more to a normal cup of coffee this might not be one for Yo. I found it delicious though and I steamed some milk from Oatly, the ”Hey barista” version which is also really good!

Have a nice evening

Lots of love Sofie

What I got for christmas

What I got for christmas

"Hygge" Danish DNA

"Hygge" Danish DNA