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Beauty favourites

Beauty favourites

I´m a huge beautyfreak and I have over the last year discovered some really great products! In this post I will just list them and then I will make more detailed posts about all the products, because there is way to much good stuff for only one blog post. Let me try to categorize a bit anyway.

First thing first, is my lovely makeup bag from Anya Hindmarch. I am totally in love with it, its the cutest thing ever and its the in-flight case. You can also see my favourite summer perfume, it´s "Rose" from Paul Smith - if you haven´t tried it you should definitely give it a try!

For cleansing my face I´ve been using some different products, all of them works amazing on my skin, which is quite dry. I have the camomile solid cleanser from The Body Shop, I also have the liquid one, but the solid is amazing for travelling.

I have been loving the French brand Caudalie, especially the facial cleanser with sweet almonds and cornflowers, I also have a micellar water and a facial mist from the same brand and then of course the beauty elixir, which I really love!

The newest to my collection is a brand new product from Kiehls. It´s also an cleansing oil and its part of the ”midnight recovery line”. I guess you can say, that I love cleansing oils. My toner is also from Kiehls, it’s the ”ultra facial toner”.

My serum is a hydrating one, and its from Caudalie, it’s the “vinosource sos quenching” serum.

Then on to facial oils. I use one for the day and one for the night. The day oil is from Kiehls and it really hydrates my skin, but it also gives it an amazing glow. My nightoil is from Caudalie and smells like wonderful roses.

For exfoliating my skin or give it a deep cleanse, I use the rare earth deep pore cleanser. The name says it all, that its a cleanser, but I actually also use it as a gentle exfoliater for my skin.

Both my day and night cream are from Kiehls, my day cream is the “skin rescuer” which helps calm the skin and it really hydrates it as well. My nightcream is actually a new product from Kiehls, its part of the “ultra facial” line, you could say its like their classic “ultra facial” cream, but this one is a lot thicker, therefor I only use it by night. It’s the “ultra facial deep moisture balm” if you suffer from dry skin, this will really work wonders I can highly recommend it!

My eyecreams are, surprisingly enough, also from Kiehls it’s the “creamy eye treatment” and the “midnight recovery eye treatment”.

My favourite handcream is the “silky mist” from Meraki. My all time favourite lip products include the Nuxe “baume lévre”, the lip oil from Clarins and the almond scented chapstick from Hurraw.

The last things in my beautybag are two facial tools, a facial mist and a pore minimizer. The tools are a faceroller from Caudalie, which I use once in a while to massage my face and the I have been trying out the “luna mini Foreo”. Its quite handy and gives a more deep cleanse. The facial mist is from Kiehls and it’s the “cactus flower & Tibetan ginseng” hydrating mist.  Last but not least is the pore minimizer from Balance me.

So these where all my top beauty favourites, I hope you liked the post! If you want to know more about my experience with the products just leave a comment below.

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